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Program History

While we are technically a new program, we have been teaching residents at Providence for many years. The original program, “the Quadrangle Program,” was founded in the late 1970’s by Dr. Maurice Castle. That program trained several of the senior members of our medical staff.


The programmatic history here at Providence became a little complicated thereafter and included partnerships with both Wayne State University and the Detroit Medical Center. Approximately five years ago we were approved to start a de novo residency, our current Orthopaedic Surgery Residency at Ascension-Providence Hospital. We were rapidly approved by the ACGME due to the resources that our center was able to provide to residents.

Our program offers a high operative volume with strong and early hands-on experience. There's very strong ancillary support, so the residents’ time and focus are not poorly utilized. We have a basic science laboratory with full-time dedicated research staff and funding that encourages resident activity. Through our alignment with Lawrence Tech University and Wayne State University we can perform sophisticated biomechanics when needed.


Most importantly, since we started the program from scratch there were commitments from all stakeholders that the first and foremost focus would be on resident education. When there is a question between the balance of service to education, education always takes priority. That is true for the didactics for support in patient care and for appropriate scholarly activity. In short, our program was founded based on you and what we felt would be your needs.

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